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how to make floral cookie bouquets


 The latest Floral Cookie e-tutorials are here!…

I know, it’s been a long time coming but I think you will find it well worth the wait!  I have 3 new e-tutorials to share with you all and they are all about how to curve cookie dough into cute little 3-dimensional shapes called a “cookie-curve”.

What is a cookie-curve? Simply put, it is a cookie that has taken on the shape of the form it has been baked upon.

The first e-tutorial is titled “Cookie Curves”. In this e-tutorial,  I show you how to create such cute little curved cookie creations as a ribbon-handled parasol, beach umbrella and palm tree with “coconuts”…

unique cookie curves


My second new e-tutorial is titled “Floral Cookie Curves”

try lady slipper cover again2

This beautiful e-tutorial will show you how to capture a flower’s natural essence  in baked cookie form, with just a few easy steps. Below is a list of a few cookie flowers I cover in this e-tutorial.

The Lady’s Slipper cookie and how to make this flower’s quintessential pink “pouch”…

lady's slipper cookies

Dogwood Blossoms…

dogwood bouquet 113


and Coneflowers with yummy truffle centers!…

coneflower cookies

The third e-tutorial is the combined set of both “Cookie Curves” and “Floral Cookie Curves” …

cookie curves e-tutorial

This set contains all the information found in both e-tutorials plus  it includes an added FREE bonus tutorial (not found in any other e-tutorial offered) on how to make these cute little cookie caps…

baseball cap cookies



baseball cap cookies

For more information about these e-tutorials, please click here, or on the titles above or you can just drop down to the bottom of this page.

If you love to get more for your money (and who doesn’t? ), check out my combined e-tutorial set titled “The Basics of Floral Cookie Design”…

The Basics Cover photo1-001

This set combines all first season e-tutorials plus, it includes the DVD  “Floral Cookie Bouquets”! It’s all in one giant complete package deal! Please click here for more information…

New Products:

Blossomedge Cookie Curves Volume 2

Blossomedge Cookie Curves Volume 2$19.95

Bring your floral cookies to life by giving them some efflorescent curves! This exciting new e-tutorial is filled with many large photographs and easy-to-follow instructions that show you how to take flat cookie dough shapes and transform them into baked contoured-cookie shapes that resemble a flower’s natural petal curve. This e-tutorial will show you how to […]

Blossomedge Cookie Curves volumes 1 and 2

Blossomedge Cookie Curves volumes 1 and 2$29.95

This e-tutorial combines both the “Cookie Curves Volume 1″ and “Floral Cookie Curves (Volume 2) “  e-tutorials into one set for the low price of just $29.95!  For more information about each of these individual tutorials and what they offer, please click on the highlighted titles above… Not only will you get the information on […]

Blossomedge Cookie Curves Volume 1

Blossomedge Cookie Curves Volume 1$19.95

Try the techniques in Cookie Curves and give your cookies a new, fun 3-dimensional shape! What is a cookie-curve? Simply put, it is a cookie that has taken on the shape of the form it has been baked upon. Using the easy-to-follow and simple techniques found in this e-tutorial, you will be able to make the following […]