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Blossomedge Cookie Curves Volume 2

Blossomedge Cookie Curves Volume 2$19.95

Bring your floral cookies to life by giving them some efflorescent curves! This exciting new e-tutorial is filled with many large photographs and easy-to-follow instructions that show you how to take flat cookie dough shapes and transform them into baked contoured-cookie shapes that resemble a flower’s natural petal curve. This e-tutorial will show you how to […]

Blossomedge Cookie Curves volumes 1 and 2

Blossomedge Cookie Curves volumes 1 and 2$29.95

This e-tutorial combines both the “Cookie Curves Volume 1″ and “Floral Cookie Curves (Volume 2) “  e-tutorials into one set for the low price of just $29.95!  For more information about each of these individual tutorials and what they offer, please click on the highlighted titles above… Not only will you get the information on […]

Blossomedge Cookie Curves Volume 1

Blossomedge Cookie Curves Volume 1$19.95

Try the techniques in Cookie Curves and give your cookies a new, fun 3-dimensional shape! What is a cookie-curve? Simply put, it is a cookie that has taken on the shape of the form it has been baked upon. Using the easy-to-follow and simple techniques found in this e-tutorial, you will be able to make the following […]

The Basic Art of Floral Cookie Design

The Basic Art of Floral Cookie Design$39.95

The Basic Art of Floral Cookie Design is the complete set of all Blossomedge’s first-season tutorials! For a limited time only, you can purchase the entire first season for just $39.95! (Sorry, it doesn’t include the 2nd season e-tutorial – Cookie Curves) You will receive the 90 minute-long  DVD – Floral Cookie Bouquets PLUS all of […]

Peony and Prim Rose Cookies E-tutorial

Peony and Prim Rose Cookies E-tutorial$19.95

Love peonies and prim rose flowers? This e-tutorial will show you how to easily create these 2 beautiful flowers out of sugar cookies and a delicious fondant made with 2 main ingredients – melted white chocolate and readymade storebought frosting! This e-tutorial includes: *  how to use a ball tool to create the beautiful petal shapes […]

A Sweet Celebration of Spring E-tutorial

A Sweet Celebration of Spring E-tutorial$19.95

Celebrate the arrival of Spring with this beautiful e-tutorial! This e-tutorial will show you how to make Grape Hyacinth Candy, adorable Daffodil Cookies and luscious chewy Coconut Hyacinth Pops! This 65+page tutorial is filled with beautiful, large full color photos and simple, step-by-step instructions.  It includes: *  how to use simple-shaped cookie cutters to create stunning daffodil cookies *  […]

Lily of the Valley Floral Cookie Bouquet E-Tutorial

Lily of the Valley Floral Cookie Bouquet E-Tutorial$9.95

This e-tutorial will show you to make an adorable cookie bouquet that resembles the beautiful Lily of the Valley flower! This flower with its deep lush green foliage  and  little white drops of blossoms can be easily recreated with sugar cookies, chocolate and one other little “surprise” confection!… This e-tutorial is easy to follow and is filled with many large […]

Celebrating the Poinsettia E-tutorial

Celebrating the Poinsettia E-tutorial$19.95

This holiday floral cookie e-tutorial will show you how to make 2 vibrant and stunning poinsettia cookie bouquets. Filled with many large photos and easy-to-follow instructions, it will show you, step-by–step, how to turn traditional cookie shapes into beautiful poinsettia cookies. This e-tutorial also contains several delicious recipes. You will find special cookie dough recipes […]

Autumn Floral Cookie Bouquets E-tutorial

Autumn Floral Cookie Bouquets E-tutorial$19.95

This beautiful e-tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about how to create a bouquet of Black eyed Susan Cookies in a Chalk Pot and a basketful of Cinnamon and Chocolate Sunflower Cookies! See more… Filled with many large, professional-looking photos and easy-to-follow, complete step-by-step directions, this e-tutorial will show you how to create the Black eyed Susan […]