Celebrating the Poinsettia E-tutorial – $19.95

Celebrating the Poinsettia E-tutorial

This holiday floral cookie e-tutorial will show you how to make 2 vibrant and stunning poinsettia cookie bouquets. Filled with many large photos and easy-to-follow instructions, it will show you, step-by–step, how to turn traditional cookie shapes into beautiful poinsettia cookies.

This e-tutorial also contains several delicious recipes. You will find special cookie dough recipes for making the cookie flowers plus recipes for making the Coconut Truffle  Carnations and the ever so important deep red fondant for the poinsettia petals! If you have ever made deep red fondant and were disappointed by the taste that resulted from adding all that food coloring, give the Deep Velvet Fondant recipe a try! It results in a vibrant shade of red fondant that tastes wonderful because there is no need to add ANY red food coloring. The ingredients alone make it red!

Why not order this e-tutorial today so that you can make these beautiful poinsettia cookie bouquets for this holiday season! And if you order now, you will be set for the next special occasion coming up that needs a red fondant – Valentine’s Day!


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