Peony and Prim Rose Cookies E-tutorial – $19.95

Peony and Prim Rose Cookies E-tutorial

Love peonies and prim rose flowers? This e-tutorial will show you how to easily create these 2 beautiful flowers out of sugar cookies and a delicious fondant made with 2 main ingredients – melted white chocolate and readymade storebought frosting!

This e-tutorial includes:

*  how to use a ball tool to create the beautiful petal shapes for the cookie flowers

* the recipe for Blossom Fondant along with many tips for working with and rolling out the fondant

*  how to create life-like stems for the cookie flowers

*  how to attach the cookie flowers to the “stems”

*  the recipe for Blossom Dough  (this is the special, delicious cookie dough I use for creating floral cookies)

*  the secret for creating a crisper and “lighter” sugar cookie

*  how to easily roll out cookie dough

*  how to tint flaked coconut

*  tips for melting chocolate

and many more other hints and tips for creating these two beautiful floral cookies! 

This e-tutorial will show you everything you need to know, to create the unique characteristics of each cookie flower using simple and sweet, colorful confections!


**When ordering an e-tutorial, please add Joanie(at) to your address book so that the e-tutorial doesn’t end up in your spam file. If you have several mailboxes that you use, please check the mailbox that you have listed with Paypal when you are looking for the e-tutorial. It will arrive in that mailbox. If you haven’t received the e-tutorial within 48 hours from ordering, please contact me immediately at Joanie(at)

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