The Basic Art of Floral Cookie Design – $39.95

The Basic Art of Floral Cookie Design

The Basic Art of Floral Cookie Design is the complete set of all Blossomedge’s first-season tutorials! For a limited time only, you can purchase the entire first season for just $39.95! (Sorry, it doesn’t include the 2nd season e-tutorial – Cookie Curves)

You will receive the 90 minute-long  DVD – Floral Cookie Bouquets PLUS all of the following e-tutorials – Autumn Floral Cookie Bouquets, Celebrating the Poinsettia, Peonies and Prim RosesLily of the Valley, and A Sweet Celebration of Spring.

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Each e-tutorial is filled with  many large professional-like photos, easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, recipes and many helpful tips to help guide you along the way. This complete set gives you all the basic, solid ground information upon which to build your floral cookie making skills. You can consider it the beginner’s course  of floral cookie design!




What is Floral Cookie Design?…

Floral cookie design is the art of using cookies, and other popular confections and candy, to create a superior-tasting bouquet  that closely resembles, and has the basic characteristics of,  a real flower arrangement…


peony collage


What information is included the complete set?…

You will receive all the essential information on how to create the unique characteristics of each cookie flower plus, you will receive the following information:

  • The Blossom Fondant recipe – this unique recipe results in a deliciously smooth, easy-to-make fondant that combines just two main ingredients, melted white chocolate and store bought, readymade frosting
  • The Deep Velvet Fondant recipe– a delicious recipe for creating a deep, rich-colored fondant without adding any additional food coloring. This unique recipe enables you to make a deep orange, black, dark green and even brilliant red fondant without that nasty chemical taste that can result from adding high amounts of food coloring to deepen fondant colors.
  • Blossom Cookie Dough recipe – the perfect cookie dough recipe for creating a firm-textured cookie dough, essential for making 3-dimensional floral cookies
  • Tips for melting chocolate
  • Tips for working with Blossom fondant

You will also learn how to:

  • Create full, rounded-bouquets doing this one little trick when preparing the container
  • Easily roll out cookie dough by reducing sticking issues with this one simple trick
  • Attach the cookie flowers to the “stems”
  • Create leaves out of ribbon
  • Create different centers for your cookie flowers using frostings, candy, nuts, and other popular confections
  • Take spritz and sugar cookies and even chocolate brownie cookies  and turn them into beautiful floral-themed bouquets
  • Make a giant cookie tree…
  • Decorate cupcakes and assemble them in such a way that it resembles a basket of little pots of violets
  • Create fantastic bouquets out of cookies, without using any fondant
  • Create a “chalkboard pot” to display your cookie flowers

You can have fun making a “garden-full” of different kinds of cookie flowers when you purchase this complete set because you will be able to make the following cookie flowers: Chocolate Sunflower, Almond Daisy,  Violet pots, Coconut Peanut butter carnations, Black-eyed Susan, Poinsettias (2 versions), Spritz Daisy, Pink Coconut Peonies, Prim Roses, Hyacinths, Basic Daisy, Hyacinth Candy, Daffodils, and a Giant Cookie Tree…

And if you are a visual learner, you can watch the DVD! You can see 7 floral cookie bouquets come together from the very beginning, starting with preparing the container  to making the fondant and cookie dough, all the way to the end when it comes time to make the ribbon leaves and assemble the bouquet.

Why purchase this information when you can find it for “free” somewhere else? Because Blossomedge specializes in one thing – making floral cookie bouquets! Don’t be fooled by other sites showing you how to do a bunch of unnecessary steps and the cookie flowers end up falling off the sticks, anyway! I will show you  how to not only  easily create the cookies but how to create a floral cookie bouquet that “wows” for its taste, also! I love taking candy, nuts, chocolate, coconut, peanut butter and anything else with “ yummi-ness” and shape it into a particular flower’s unique characteristic.

Order the complete set now and you will have all the basic information needed for making dazzling, superior-tasting floral cookie bouquets that will be remembered long after the occasion is over and all the cookies have been eaten!

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