Blossomedge Cookie Curves Volume 1 – $19.95

Blossomedge Cookie Curves Volume 1

Try the techniques in Cookie Curves and give your cookies a new, fun 3-dimensional shape!

What is a cookie-curve? Simply put, it is a cookie that has taken on the shape of the form it has been baked upon. Using the easy-to-follow and simple techniques found in this e-tutorial, you will be able to make the following cookie shapes…

An adorable umbrella cookie – along with different techniques for creating straight and curved handles, canopy patterns, and a beautiful way to box  up these little cuties so that they are ready to give as a lovely gift!…

baby shower umbrella cookies


You will also find out how easy it is to create a “standing” butterfly cookie with arching wings…


butterfly cookies


The cutest-ever cookie bowl and spoon…


cookie bowl and cookie spoon


And finally,  Palm Tree Cookies with fanned-out branches and little “coconuts” in the center!…


palm tree cookies


Along with the techniques for making each of these curved cookies shapes, you will receive:

  • The Blossom Fondant recipe – this unique recipe results in a deliciously smooth, easy-to-make fondant that combines just two main ingredients, melted white chocolate and store bought, readymade frosting
  • The Deep Velvet Fondant recipe– a delicious recipe for creating a deep, rich-colored fondant without adding any additional food coloring. This unique recipe enables you to make a deep orange, black, dark green and even brilliant red fondant without that nasty chemical taste that can result from adding high amounts of food coloring to deepen fondant colors.
  • Curvie Cookie Dough recipe – the perfect cookie dough recipe for creating a yummy,  firm-textured cookie dough, essential for making 3-dimensional CURVED cookies
  • Tips for melting chocolate
  • Tips for working with Blossom fondant
  • Tips for easily rolling out cookie dough by reducing sticking issues with this one simple trick
  • Tips for “richening” the shade of a deep-colored fondant

You will also receive access to:

  • A special FAQ’s section that will address questions that may come up when working with the forms and shapes needed for making the curved cookies in this e-tutorial
  • A “popular terms” page where I will define the words that you will see often when making cookie curves
  • Helpful tips for baking with the forms and shapes
  • How to add different styles of handles to your umbrella cookies
  • How to beautifully and safely package your umbrella cookies
  • Various decorating themes for the umbrella cookies
  • How to prepare the arching butterfly cookie so that it can either “stand” on a plate or “fly above” a bouquet
  • Ideas for filling the cookie bowls
  • Sweet additions to the cookie spoons
  • How to add “coconuts” to the palm tree cookies
  • Ideas for serving the palm trees cookies, as well as creating a “sandy beach” effect for displaying the cookies
  • PLUS many, many other helpful hints, suggestions, and ideas along the way!

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