Blossomedge Floral Cookie Bouquets DVD – $12.95

Blossomedge Floral Cookie Bouquets DVD

If you have been searching for a new and creative way to make floral-themed cookie bouquets, look no further! Find out how easy it is to create unusual floral cookie bouquets by simply changing the way you are attaching your cookies to a stick!

In this 90 minute-long DVD, you will discover how to make 6 unusual cookie bouquets made out of sugar cookies, spritz and drop cookies plus an adorable bouquet made out of cupakes!

Easy enough to do with kids, yet elegant enough for any special occasion, these exceptional floral cookie bouquets will be remembered long after the cookies have all been eaten!

Additional Details: In this DVD, you will learn how to make the following 7 bouquets: Sunflowers, Blue Almond Daisies, Little Pots of Violets, Purple Daisies, Spritz Blossoms, the Alyssa Butterfly Bouquet plus a towering Cookie Tree!